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Wilson or Goff?


I’ve played Wilson this entire season except his bye and one other game. I have Goff warning the bench. Wilson plays those dangerous Jags defense this week in “Sacksonvivve” Should I stick in Goff at home against the eagles??? Standard league


I would roll with Wilson and hope he has a decent game. He will move the ball and make some big plays on offense, even with a tough matchup. Goff has been good, but struggled vs tough defense. Look for the Rams to run the ball with Gurley and control the clock more than big plays. Plus no Robert Woods which was their best target recently.


Sometimes its just a good idea to roll out your studs no matter what, mainly because they usually have something to play for like the playoffs. Versus a team like the Giants. A stud that has something to play for will usually get the job done.


Yeah I would have to agree with the others on going with Russell. Even against Jax, he’s still Russell Wilson. And he’s at home, and been on fire the biggest part of the season. AND…as @RonTron mentioned. NO Robert Woods. That’s a big game changer for them!!!


Wilson is playing on the road in Jacksonville, that is why I think so many people are worried he will have his worst game of the season. Goff is playing at home, vs a tough Eagles D.


Correction: Seattle will be on the road. Not saying that either one will be good, but i do like Wilson’s chances mainly due to experience as well. He’s been in these types of situations many many times.


OK…LOL…I don’t know what I was looking at, but…yeah…you’re correct. Geez Louise!!! Can you tell I’ve had a long tough week??? SMH

Sorry @NoSleeveNation for any confusion that may have caused!!!


Yeah, i know all too well about the long weeks. Two more days till the weekend, lol.