Wilson or Lamar Jackson

Wilson is up against a tough vikings d but hes been real good

Lamar Jackson is playing KC

who should I start?

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I am personally starting Jackson over Mayfield and cousins. He will probably get over 100 rush yards

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I’m actually in the same boat. I also had Trubisky on my bench. I’m going to play Trubisky over both Wilson and Jackson. I don’t necessarily trust Jackson with Flacco practicing today. Its hard to start Wilson with how bad QB’s have looked against them… but he is the most accurate QB out there when it comes to efficiency. I honestly don’t know which way to lean brotha. Thats a tough one

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@steve_theKraken…my dilemma EXACTLY. I’ve got both Wilson and Truby. Have been seriously considering starting Truby, but…man…his first game back with the bad shoulder…against the RAMS no less. I just don’t know, I just don’t know, I just don’t know which way to go.

Both have tough matchups. PPR-ESPN has Truby slated for 23 & Wilson for 21.

My gut is telling me Wilson…BUT…my gut is also in a tumble over this. :confused:

In one league i have Wilson and Jackson, starting Jackson. In another i have Wilson and Trubisky, starting Trubisky.

I think im gonna go with Lamar Jackson, wish me luck boys

Still going back and forth here between Wilson and Truby. But…I definitely can’t blame y’all for going with Jackson. AND…good luck to ya my friend!!!

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