Wilson or Rivers? Must Win!

Wilson or Rivers? Yahoo Standard Scoring

I got Wilson myself and I think this will be a good one for him

Wilson for sure. It’s going to be a high scoring game vs a great philly offense. Either way Wilson is going to be in a shootout or garbage time. I don’t trust rivers as much and he doesn’t have the rushing upside Wilson has either.

Wilson hands down, zero doubt.
Okay, disclaimer, life-long Seattle-ite and Hawks fan. Total Hawks and Wilson homer. That being said, who else on our team is going to keep this game even remotely close? Wilson has attributed for 86% of our offensive points this year, meaning he either ran the touchdown in himself or threw for a TD. I believe we have ONE rushing TD this year, and Wilson is our leading rusher. Its ugly, but he gets the points.

Thank you all for the input! Wilson for sure!