Win and get a bye. Line up help

So I have a solid team and just as the title states get a bye if i win this week half ppr

Currently starting
Adams, Ridley
Carson at flex

That leaves Monty, Diontae, Jefferson, Hooper on the bench.
Would you swap anyone? other team is fairly stacked as well projected close but with me winning

Also Cooks and Deebo are on waivers and im sure that wont last but would you try to add either over the wr i have. We have a dumb 4 wr limit so thats why their there

I’d be happy with that lineup. Jefferson is a tough bench but if Carson was being eased back and returns closer to old role I think you’ve got the right lineup.

In terms of the waivers, shame you can only have four wr but I like the ones you already have more.

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Thanks thats how i feel about the waivers but probably gonna suck when someone grabs them and plays against me

the jefferson over ridley is kinda where im second guessing myself the jags D sucks and hes been playing great but Ridley proved how good he is at the start of the year. I dont think either is going to dud me but i like to max my scoring like everyone does