Win, and I'm in! Help a fellow footclan member out!

10 man Full PPR league. I’m Currently 7th. Top 6 get in. If I win this week, I should have enough points to get in. Help me set my lineup to get there. Standard lineup (QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex, TE, DST)

QB- Rivers
RB’s- Gurley, Lindsey, Mack, Hyde
WR’s- Cooks, Tate, Ellington, Shepard, MVS, Tre’Quan Smith
TE’s- Njoku, McDonald
K- Lutz
DST- streaming GB this week

Appreciate all advice.

Gurley, Lindsay
Cooks, smith if he’s healthy

Is DJ moore on your waivers? If so grab him and throw him in your flex. If not I guess you’re goin Hyde.

Njoku cause McDonald is injured (I’d probably go with him either way.

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RB1- Gurley
RB2- Lindsey
WR1- Cooks
WR2- Tate
TE- Njoku

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Tates best game on eagles is like 6.5 pts. I’m not putting him in.

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No DJ Moore.
If Smith is out, who then? I agree with Tate being useless since the trade.
I was thinking Mack as my flex. Hyde, hmmm…
So my struggle is the WR2 and flex positions

Is Mack back from injury? I feel like in a 10 man ya gotta have some waiver options. Is Reynolds on the waiver?

IDK @Rbins40. In our 10 team PPR the top 6 still available are:

Dede. Godwin, Gabriel, Kirk, M Williams and Crabtree.

Even in a 10-team…at this point it’s starting to get to be pretty slim pickin’s….even at the WR position.

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I’m going to straight up say that no one here should ever call themselves a clansman.

Ya, slim pickings in my league as well. Reynolds is owned.
Mack is still questionable, so I’m leaning toward Hyde my flex.

Oooh. Didn’t think of that. Better edit it out.

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