Win and I'm in.... (Mark Ingram 2 points) HELP!

There are two playoff spots left between 3 teams Me and 1 team are 7-5 I have tie breaker but I play the highest scoring team in the league and if team 2 wins and I lose it comes down to points I’m up by 20
And Team 1 is projected to win big so I need a win but most importantly need the most points I can get.
The only questions I have are Gus Bus or Sutton (I have Gus in)
The biggest question Tight end
Trey Burton @NYG or D. Njoku @HOU?
I just don’t want to take no 0

I think Njoku should be your starter at TE. The weakness of the texans D is the TE.


Gus + Njoku…I dont like Trey w/ Chase Daniel likely starting at QB again. Gus has the much higher floor than Sutton and is playing a weak run D in ATL.

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Njoku should start over burton the rest of the season based on matchups!