Win and I'm in... wr2 help

So I’m 6-6 in a 10man standard league playing a 6-6 team winner goes through.

We’re even on predictions but his team is stacked (Brady,hunt, DJ, Julio jones, theilen, ebron) his weak spot is flex where he’s not got much.

My team is
L. Jackson
Mcaffrey Aaron jones
Allen and one of Landry Sutton or aj green
One of eckler gus Edwards Josh Adams or Matt breida in flex.
Gronk as my te.

What do I do for my flex and wr2?

I’ve looked to trade but the best offer I’ve had is Aaron jones and Landry for B. Cooks.


I have adams and ekeler as flex options. I am playing ekeler mainly to screw with the MG owner since we are playing this week. But i think adams has the better game.

Out of your wr i play AJ if he is good to go. I think cincy will be playing from behind and that driskle will be throwing safe plays to Aj more than dalton would be.
Next would probably be landry. Basically because broncos are going to go more run heavy anyway

Being offered b. Cooks straight up for a. Jones do I take it given my depth?

That’s a tough one, Aaron Jones is looking good.
BUT, looking at your roster, I think getting a strong WR for a RB does make sense with your depth.
Specially if this week is a must win, given the uncertainty of AJ, I think you should do it.

Blarg. I hate that trade for you, but I can see the logic in it. I suppose if you take the trade, you can put Brieda / Ekeler out there. I do not hate that.

If you hear Gus is a full go, I could see putting him in there if you want a decent floor in your FLEX.

Likewise, if you hear Green is a full go I could see him in the FLEX for upside.

I slightly (not strongly) disagree with @mattymc29 in that I see Boyd potentially with the uptick in usage with Driskle looking for safe over the middle passes. I wonder if they try to protect Green just now back from injury and instead use the shockingly useful Boyd for the dirty work. But even with that said, if Green is a full go you do not sit him. Win or lose, you play your studs IMHO. Every other person considered here has not earned that to me, minus Landry who is in a weird usage space and I would hold off on him until we see how he gets utilized.

But you are in a tough space. No real clear winners unfortunately. I am in your shoes as well. I feel the pain. I just played Kamara and Lutz last night as well and could have used more than the 11 combined points :wink:

I agree with you on a large point of it. I decided against the cooks for jones deal and looked elsewhere. Managed to swing a deal with another team giving Josh Adams for Josh gordon and pleased green is trending to play.

Tried sending out some deals but super limited as to who I can deal with because of various match ups and head to heads meaning I don’t want to improve 4 teams!

I’ll start my studs and green if he logs a full practice this week. Otherwise I go with Gordon! Hopefully it will be enough.

Sucks about lutz and Kamara hopefully the rest of the team will prove their worth and get you the win!

Also picked up Robinson on waivers (and ware) so got a bit more cover and will try and package landry/sutton/Robinson with a rb whoever does best for an upgrade at wr :slight_smile: feeling a lot better but still finely in the balance

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Landing J Gordon is a fantastic win, especially moving J Adams for him straight up. IMHO your team is in a stronger place now. Maybe look to see if Ware is out in your league wires!

Meh, thanks about Kamara and Lutz. I have had a far more challenging season than my roster should imply. Them’s the breaks! But thank you. I might limp into 6th place for the playoffs if the rest of my team shows up :slight_smile:

If you can swing that package for someone, nice! Also, consider getting Dixon off the wire. Collins just went to IR and Mixon has some legit talent if you want some upside RB depth. I know the Gus Bus should rumble, but Dixon could become a sports car that can pass him.