Win and in! Going full Ruxin

Need some WR and flex help for the week.

0.25 ppr.

My starting RB’s are locked in as Zeke and Kamario.
Need 2 of the following WRs: Diggs, Keenan, Cooks.

Flex spot: Conner, A Jones, or the WR not started above.

Thanks folks!

Super kamario!!! sorry I had too. i woud play diggs and allen, then AJ

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Could you in good conscious sit Conner? I know he’s been below average the last couple weeks. Coworkers saying you can’t sit him, bu A Jones has such a perfect matchup.

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The matchup for aaron jones is just too good. I think you sit conner. And its not like jones is a risky play

Right. then who at WR? Cooks has the best matchup on paper i think. Hard to sit any of those 3 really.

I love your trio of WR. Its really close, I think you can go with the duo you want. I can see cooks and diggs having big games this week.

Im letting my opponent set my lineup this week. 2 of those 3 wrs to start and flex Jones or Conner.

Going full Ruxin!