Win and Lock #1 Seed

10-team league, Half PPR. Help with my 2 flexes please :slight_smile:
Currently starting:
QB: Rodgers
RB1: Gurley
RB2: Mixon
WR1: M. Thomas
WR2: Juju
Flex1: J. Adams
Flex2: J. Reynolds
TE: Brate

Other options to start:
Limited (potentially out) Kerryon vs. LAR
Godwin vs. Car (with DJax potentially limited/out)
Sutton vs. Cincy
Miller vs. NYG
Callaway vs. Hou
Tre’Quan vs. Dal

Projected to win by 28, but he has boom/bust players in. Think I want a safe floor. Any help much appreciated.

You don’t need help. Your league does. Your lineup is set and enjoy your championship.

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I think your lineup is good as is. Maybe the only change I’d make is swapping Sutton for Reynolds. But that’s a coin flip, you’re probably better off with Reynolds.

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Lol there’s one guy who’s ahead of me in points by over 200 on the year (I’m barely 2nd). His team is absolutely stacked so it’s going to be a tough championship if I get there (he definitely will).

That’s been my biggest debate. Sutton has a tremendously better stat line away from home and the matchup against Cincy is sooo juicy. I’d still like to see him actually break out though before I plug him into my lineup. We’ve actually seen good production from Reynolds and Adams so that’s what’s taking the cake for me.

Yeah I would definitely be starting Adams in this situation. Everything coming out of Philly is that he’s the bell cow now.
I agree with you on Sutton, he’s got a great matchup & has had a pretty decent rookie year with more targets to come I’m sure because pass catchers aren’t staying healthy in Denver. The only reason I consider Reynolds is to get a piece of the Rams offense & he’s done really well filling in for Kupp.

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His team must be loaded (Mahomes owner?) because your team is pretty closed to stacked. Solid starting depth with maybe the only weakness being at TE? But even that’s not so bad given how bad the TE position is this year.

His starting lineup is: Brees, Saquon, CMC, Fournette (when healthy and not suspended lol), A. Jones, Hopkins, D. Adams and Ertz… very scary.

Ya I traded Drake for OJ Howard earlier in the season… very disappointed about how that turned out so I had to go out and grab Brate.

OK I stand corrected. That is pretty stacked for a 10 team league. Good luck to you should you both (likely) play each other for a champoionship!

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