Win needed for playoffs QB & WR/flex start sit

Could still get in with a loss but would rather cement my spot with a win this week. RB are set with Gorden and Fournette but need some thoughts on QB and WR.

QB=Mariota vs HOU or Stafford vs BAL

WR= Agholor vs SEA, Landry vs DEN, Corey Coleman vs Chargers, Doctson vs DAL on thursday

Also have Blount, B Powell, and P Richardson for Flex options but kinda leaning toward 3 WR this week.

Any thoughts?

mariota, landry coleman doctson. baltimores defense is solid. stafford will probably throw for 250/300 and maybe a touch or 2 but will throw at least 2 picks.

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Is there no one available to drop Mariota for? He’s terrible and Stafford is hurt so I expect him to struggle if he plays Sunday.

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Bortles, Brisset, Dalton are top options, Could roll the dice on Jimmy G! haha

If available I’d stream McCown this weekend Vs Tampa

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Docston or/and Landry as the better matchups. I would avoid Seattle and Chargers.

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Also Marriota

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hoping someone drops him after waivers clear tomorrow

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I like STAFFORD and LANDRY here.

Good luck !!!