Win Now Dynasty - RB Depth

Which RB can fill in the gap for BYEs / injury or flex with good matchups.

Looking to sell TY Hilton to a WR needy team.

Current Starters:

Looking at:
D Montgomery
J Howard
J Conner

I think the NFL schedule comes out on May 9th, for the time being, I would probably trade Hilton for Montgomery, but only if you are going all out for 2020. I think Hilton’s value is at an all time low coming off last year, getting Rivers will help him next year.

As far as those three backs go, looking at this year only, Montgomery is the safest selection as a backup in my eyes, which is what I think you should focus on unless there are conflicting bye weeks. Howard will have Breida competing, Conner has a 4th round rookie competing and an injury history. Conner has the highest upside though, but I think the Bears will have Foles start pretty quickly in the season which will make that offense at least close to what it was in 2018 which should give Montgomery a nice floor.

I agree with the individual above me. I think if I wanted a sure backup, I would pick Monty, he will be the cheapest of the bunch and should have probably the highest/safest floor. I think Monty gets more work in the offense this year, as I think the whole offense gets a re-boot.

Howard isn’t an awful selection but he’s really TD dependent since he lacks the pass catching with is pretty critical to the position now-days. And now with Mia bringing in Matt Bredia, Howard will likely see fewer than 20 targets on the season.

Conner has the chance to be the bell cow in Pit again if he can stay healthy. He’s the most “well-rounded” back (at this point in their careers) so he can provide the PPR floor you’d like to see out of a backup.