Win now dynasty trade

I’m thinking of offering my 1.09 and Keenan Allen for Julio Jones. Is this too much to offer? Was thinking of just offering the pick but that seemed way too low.

This is my first off season in dynasty and I’m really struggling to value draft picks, so any advice would be appreciated.

ALLEN is younger and that pick can land you a top Rookie.Hold tight .At your pick take the best player

If you have an actual shot at the title, depending on the rest of the roster I would do that trade. The I’m not making that trade as a middle of the pack team, but I would as a top 2-3 team to try to push the team to a championship this year.

I recommend standing pat. but also get a dynasty trade calculator, its a useful tool. not something to strictly go by but helps with a better understanding for dynasty value.

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I agree. I think it depends on what you like in dynasty. I know people who play for rings, and win rings once every 4-5 years; but between will take 4 wins per year. Then I know guys who may have won one ring, but take pride in their ability to maintain a top 3 team year in and year out. If you’re the kind of players willing to sell out to make a run, the value doesn’t really matter if you can assemble a team that can challenge for number 1. If you like to be #2-3 every year, but kind of “luck into” your championship (if you will) I would keep Allen and your pick.

Thanks guys. I’m needy at RB really so I think I’ll hang tight and hope a good prospect lands at 1.09.

For frame of reference i already did my Rookie draft and the only good RB at 9 was Vaughn so if you are ok landing him id keep the pick and player. Although Allen is incredibly frustrating to own and will have a drastic drop off in QB play this year.

for a dynasty calculator, I would suggest using the following site:

It’s been super helpful for me, always get your guys though, don’t think of these values as final.

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I should’ve said we are a superflex league and the top 5 picking teams are really QB needy so I expect a decent RB to fall to me.

I take Julio, but this comment made it much closer for me than I initially thought.
Without this, my general thought is that Allen was great but inconsistent as hell with Rivers which made him hard to play every week. I think he’s taking a QB downgrade this year. He’s still very talented but if he was already inconsistent I don’t see that getting better now. The statistics would say that you’re very unlikely to land a player of Julio’s caliber. If you’re going RB, and your pick is more like a 4th than a 9th that’s where things actually start to get close. The big question is what RB can you get at the 9th realistically? If we say conservatively that 3 of the people in front of you take an RB and the other 5 take QBs and WRs, who’s left?

Overall breakdown: Julio is better than Keenan and has a stable productive QB. It feels like he has at least 2 good years left. Keenan is young and talented but inconsistent and quite frankly frustrating to own (i play standard, if this is ppr he’s probably not as frustrating). I’m taking one of the all time great receivers in the league in Julio over Keenan and the pick.

Maybe just offer Allen for Julio straight up? The other owner might go for him based off the fact that he is younger and then go from there if you need to add more. Once again, all this is dependent upon if you can win this year. If not, I hold on to Allen and hope he has a great season and then try to sell him high. I am not a fan of his but know he has a massive amount of talent

Thanks everyone! As an update, I didn’t get the trade done - the Julio owner wants to keep him at all costs. Dobbins ended up falling to me at the 1.09 so I snapped him up as I was RB needy. Also managed to trade my 3.09 and a 2021 2nd rounder for Mark Ingram to bag the complete Ravens backfield, which I’m really happy about!

Thanks for all the advice!

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I like this Mark Ingram trade! Good value even if he only plays for them this year. The dude has done nothing but produce for his entire career and defenses can’t focus on him as long as Lamar is healthy. Plus we know this team wants to run the ball. Good job!

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