Win or go home; please help

Kerryon and Melvin went down and my other rb are chubb, Chris Thompson and Justin Jackson. I need to win to make playoffs should I go with Jackson or Thompson, I could also pick up Elijah McGuire, what do you think?

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Isn’t Thompson hurt? If so I would go with Jackson.

Haha ya the decision is made for you if Thompson is hurt. I’d go Jackon > McGuire. Or else I’d go Thompson if he’s playing

Same position man I lost kerryon and Gordon back to back weeks.

Id wait till Sunday morning to decide.

Def Thompson if he is playing…

If not do Jackson…

Don’t do mcquire.

Adams or gus out there??

Doug Martin or frank gore? Not sexy but effective

None of them are out there. 12 man league. Thompson is practicing so we’ll see if he plays… but if not then Jackson it is