Winston AND Fitzpatrick

I have Fitzpatrick and Luck. Ready to drop Luck and I’m considering picking up Winston. Keeping them both for the next few weeks until it is clear which one will win out.

Question is whether I do this or prioritize dropping Luck to pick up Wentz (who I suspect will be picked up by someone with higher WW priority.

10 team league. Standard Non-PPR scoring. I am middle of the pack.

Who else at QB is on waivers besides Winston & Wentz?

I am interested because i am in a similar situation in a 12 team 0.5 PPR league. I have gone through 3 quarterbacks in 3 weeks. Week 3 start was Fitzpatrick and he is the only QB on my team at this point. Our waiver wire is picked clean and most are harboring 2 QB’s already. I am down to people like Trubisky, Tannehill, Prescott, Flacco, Mayfield, Winston. Not sure whether what to do given the potential Fitz is no longer the starter…

Wentz is now gone.
Ba-May, Dalton, Dak, Carr, Bortles, Keenum, Eli, Tannehill, Trubiski, Darnold, et al.

I think you should get Winston.

Looking back at Winston’s pre-season outlook (link below) convinced me to do it. It definitely seems like the TB weapons are panning out so far.

I think the TB starting QB will be a top 10 ROS option. It is like having Bell and Connor (which I also have)… whichever one is the starter is pretty much a RB1.