Winston going forward

So what’s the temperature on him ROS? Have Cam, but considering shopping Cam to improve a TE spot. Possible Cam for Engram. League has a favorable QB scoring system that favors passing QBs. 5 points for every 10 completions. Enjoy plugging Cam in every week, but Winston could be a more consistent scorer in this leagues format.

Curious of this myself. Only rostering Cousins at the moment. Thinking about picking him up off our waivers.

If you are doing a 1 for 1 cam and engram I would shop for more. Winston could be good but cam is a elite qb

Even in those scoring systems, Cam is definetely preferred over Winston rest of season. That being said, if I was desperate for a tight end, I would trade Cam for Winston and Engram. Winston will be a qb1 rest of season in my opinion. He is going to need to pass a lot and has a favorable schedule.

Huge Cam fan, he’s generally a low end 1 in this scoring system as he’s generally not a high amount of completions and passing yards guy. Winston was about as good as anyone for the back half of last season, and just checking if Engram addition and going with Winston is better for ROS. Have OJ at TE and Hurst so my TE is zilch at the moment.

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