Winston or Rivers this week

I like both plays this week, but have to pick one. Chargers are at the Steelers in a game with a 52.5 point total. Rivers may have to throw a little bit more in potential shootout without M. Gordon. Winston and the Bucs are home vs Carolina. It is a very high 55 point total, and the Panthers are a better matchup than the Steelers. The Bucaneers quarterbacks have also put up monster numbers all year. Rivers floor is elite though and has been balling from an efficiency standpoint. Winston carries more risk. Currently projected to lose by 8 thanks to Fournette suspension.

If you are a -2 for interceptions I might lean with rivers, if its -1 I’d take upside with Winston.

Interesting, thanks for the response. Even if Winston throws a couple picks, which is far from guaranteed that’s only a 2 point difference. That’s big enough to swing for you?

Ehh It’s something to think about. I think winston at home, coming off his best game (turnover wise) is the better play. BUT in my -2 pt int league, I’m rolling with Rivers as his floor is safer, and I think I have that matchup locked. If you think its gonna be a close week I might go Winston for higher ceiling.

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Appreciate it.

In for answers. I too am in the same boat. I have both, Debating and doing research on both,

ATM im leaning towards Winston.

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Love both. GIve me Winston at home vs Carolina D all day if you need the upside. Carolina D is fantasy feast for QBs AND TEs. Winston is a QB and also loves TEs. Which is also why Brate is a locked and loaded top 5 TE for me this week.

If you’re looking for something safer, you could go rivers.

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You don’t think Rivers has the same upside sans Gordon, in a potential shootout?

Same upside as gordon? You mean Winston? I’d say they’re close. Both great but I’m just playing the odds. Steelers D > Carolina D. Steelers D has been flying under the radar as pretty good.

Also buccs are at home and rivers is on the road.

If you play rivers, nothing wrong with that, I’m just saying I would personally go with Winston. I admit he is a riskier endeavor though.

No I said sans Gordon, as in without Gordon so they have to air it out more than they have so far this year. I agree with the rest of your points for sure. Appreciate the response.

Oh okay I got it. Yeah for sure gordon being out def does boost rivers and closes the gap. Just a personal slight pref for winston still.

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