Winston or Rodgers

Hey all, standard QB scoring league, do I roll with Aaron Rodgers or Jameis Winston this week? I’m heavily the underdog in this matchup.

Also worth noting I have Mike Evans as my WR1, should I try for the Winston-Evans stack?

Winston game is all day rain. That means Saints D will be slowed. Also good for passing. If I had to choose it would be Winston. This is light rain so the passing for both teams should be good. There will likely be turnovers as well. Goofy cough up on runs. Damn near impossible to cover WR’s on a slick field. If not for that I think Rogers.

Thanks for the response! Something I definitely wouldn’t have caught on my own. Didn’t really realize light rain favours WRs over D.

Just don’t choke me out if it fails. This is historical data. It could totally backfire. Use it with caution. Light rain though, WR’s have an advantage. Bucs are all about the pass.

Definitely, everything is just another factor to consider. But if all other things feel equal Sunday morning could be the way to go.