Winston or Stafford ROS... Winston on the waivers, how much FAAB? What are their floors and ceilings?

I’m 2-5, and I own Stafford (streamed R.I.P.almer, he’s my drop ), standard 4pt passing. Watkins and Martavis have plagued my team so my thought is to use waiver money where I can. Our league is actually super competitive, the guy who dropped Winston owns Watson and took a gamble to stream Tyrod instead. Waivers are pretty dry other than Richard/Washington and some streamers.

I have $63, and if I bid $38 I’d outbid the matt Ryan owner who’s down to 37. Anyone else who I think would bid has less than that including Winston dropper.

TL;DR: I’m willing to spend the $38, but do you think Winston has a higher floor and\or higher ceiling than Stafford and by how many points respectively? Thanks!

I have Stafford and his schedule coming up is pretty up and down and I’m not too excited about it, and I’m actually trying to package trade for Winston (I know, trading for QBs is a waste) and Doug Martin.

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