Winston ROS

Luckily went w Cousins today but was counting on Winston ROS. Obviously pretty troubling he was pulled after such a horrible performance. You guys think he lost his job permanently today?

I am wondering the same thing.

Unlike you I started him this week, luckily everyone else I started balled out and I’m going to win; by a lot.

I’m hoping he does not lose the job, I need him to pepper OJ Howard with targets. I am leaning towards him keeping the job, because of how much the Bucs invested in him.

Yeah oj is another factor there. I also own him. Was nice to see Fitz hit him in the end zone at the end. Will be curios to see how it pans out. I’ll probably hold onto him and roll with Cousins for a week or two.

From a fantasy and game excitement standpoint, I’d rather have Fitz be the QB. Thats from someone that has Winston in EVERY league. OJ still had good production when it was Fitz.

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I’ve got a feeling FitzMAGIC is gonna get another shot!!!

I think it’s very possible!!! Look what Fitz did during Winston’s suspension. Then Winston comes back and TB has struggled major!!! Wouldn’t surprise me if Fitz gets it!!! Could be wrong…BUT…

There is also a possibility one of them gets traded before the deadline.

Yeah but…I really have to wonder if it’s not Winston that might not be on the BLOCK at this point!!! Look what Fitz has done so far this season!!! I think Winston screwed himself by his susp. Fitz has proven he’s got what it takes. IDK…could be interesting from here on out. Just thinking I would place my tabs on Fitz.

No way. Only other option is Fitz, who’s inspirational but old. Winston’s rookie deal is up at the end of this year and the Bucs need to know if he should be extended. They need to give him (another) a chance to learn from his mistakes. If this sloppy of a performance happens again, maybe. If they pull the plug now though, I think it means they’re ready to move on from him. The trade deadline is inconvenient for them. If they were ready to move one, ideally they would be able to trade him and get something back.

As for trading Fitzpatrick instead, though…

Fitz is old, so he’s no more than a rental for a team that could make a playoff run, if not for their QB situation.

As it so happens, Jacksonville is in this exact situation. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a deal go down there?

It might make more sense than you think. Jacksonville and Tampa are both in Florida, so if trading Fitz to the Jags gets some fans to switch loyalties, there could be long-term profit from enlarging the fan base. I have no idea how many fans we’re talking, here, but remember that Jacksonville is only a couple seasons removed from mediocrity; it’s not like they have a huge fan base, right now.

No but he’s on the verge of that happening. Bucs can’t lose anymore. I would find a backup option ASAP in case

Fitz can’t be a full time QB. What happened last time will happen again. He has to be a game here a game there.