Winston v Dak Dynasty 2018+

Hey guys, what are your thoughts on these two going forward as to who has the better upside? Looking at taking one as my second QB, i’m leaning Dak as he’s not as turnover prone as Winston has been but TB have a loaded offense which must click soon right…

I think Winston will probably have a slightly better year but I like Dak more moving forward. Like you said Winston’s offense is a lot better but I think Dak is a better QB and will be better in the future

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Thanks for your thoughts, as i can hold them and don’t need to start one every week i agree Dak is better here. Also he is a better runner than Winston which always helps pad the stats on down TD throwing years

I actually like Winston quite a bit more here.


Are you thinking that way due to surrounding talent in TB or other reasons as well?

I think my opinion is less about me liking Winston and more about me dis-liking Dak. Dak has shown some inconsistencies and from my perspective I think needs talent around him to be good. On the show today, the ballers do a good job breaking him down.

For Winston, I like the coaching change and I think he has the weapons around him he needs. If he doesn’t perform well this year though, I plan to throw in the towel. haha.

That makes sense and yeah I listened to their show on the way home, all the reasons I was weary I think I was putting to much stock in his running game to bail him out points wise. Agree with you on Winston though, if he can’t get it done with the talent around him and coaches I think there will be a lot of people throwing in the towel haha

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