Wire help please

10 Team PPR league

Current Roster:
QB: Rodgers
WR: JuJu, Thielen, Woods, Jeffery, Tyrell Williams
RB: Zeke, A. Jones, Cohen, Kenyon Drake, Justice Hill
TE: Njoku, Waller

Waiver Wire Targets:
AP, T. McLaurin, T. Hockenson (i like him to try and trade Njoku for something else), Hollywood Brown, C. Thompson

I’m thinking to drop Drake and Hill and try for both McLaurin and Hockenson. Thank you for any suggestions.

Dont hold 2 te’s your wasting bench depth. Trade either njoku or Waller. Drop drake for hock or thompson. Hold hill he could be something really special. If you get hock drop one of those 2 te’s preferably njoku hes too td dependent. Waller has more trade value imo.

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ya i placed a claim for Hock dropping Drake. I’m hoping to try and package Njoku with someone else in a trade for another solid RB. If i don’t get Hock my second waiver is for Mclaurin and then Thompson.

I’m not as high on Hill only because Ingram is in front and as long as he stays healthy Hill be extremely limited in touches.

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I think a regular waiver claim (non-FAAB) is only worth it if ur gonna start that player the next week. Otherwise just hold onto ur waiver and u move up the list for next week (unless ur league has some other weird waiver rules like reverse standings). Only guy that startable is Hock. Are u gonna start McLaurin over Juju, Thielen or Woods week 2? Only a crazy person would do that. Put in the claim for Hock and try to deal the other TE’s otherwise move up the waiver ladder.

this will sound super newbie but if I don’t use my waiver claim one week my next weeks waiver priority is moved up no matter my current standing?

Yeah u gotta check ur settings, in Yahoo it’s called “continuous rolling waivers” Basically when u use ur waiver u drop to the bottom and the people that didn’t use their waiver move up. Week one order is set by draft order (if u drafted last u get waiver #1, 2nd to last waiver #2, etc.). If u have the #1 waiver u should only use it on pure gold cus once u lose it ur most likely never getting back to #1 the rest of the year if u have disciplined league mates. Hock can be this year’s kittle so he’s #1 worthy, but otherwise I don’t see anyone this week worth losing #1 for.

also, yes i agree with you on the thought that no matter who i pick up at WR I’m not starting them. I’m really only trying to pick up a couple potential breakouts to use as trade bait to get another potential RB2.

ahhh i found it…

Waiver Type: Weekly rolling list based on standings

so i think it is use or lose it correct?

If ur currently in last place then that makes sense… so light em up! Use it or lose it!

naw im in 7th place due to my low scoring week

So @Kromsaculous…are you thinking to hold onto OJ??? I also have Andrews. Really, really like OJ…and, yeah…he had a tough first week, but kinda tossed as to just holding onto him and seeing what happens or going ahead and snagging up Hock while he’s still up for grabs!!!