Wisdom needed: James White or Carlos Hyde

Leaning towards White. Thurs games though, no telling. Those games always look goofy and seldom do the Pats go back to the well but they are not really over using White. He’s pretty much splitting with Sony so meh…

Carlos probably could not get 25 pts in a game. Lots of touches but he just does not have that punch to break one like top tier RB1’s. He gets his token 1 yard TD’s but outside of that he’s a glorified flex to me. Limited ability to take one to the house and worthless as a pass catcher unless it’s swing pass for next to nothing.

I believe James White is going to be a fantasy beast this season, especially in 0.5 PPR or Full PPR…
But even in standard, I think he is going to have a major role in that NE offense…

Also, Nick Chubb is emerging and could possibly take some volume away from Hyde…

No matter what league you play in, I would prefer to have White…

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Agree with @ChargersFan on playing White. Especially due to the matchup. NE is at home vs. Indy., while Browns/Hyde are at home but vs. Ravens (who held Conner to 19 yds on 9 carries). Ravens had a great win on Sunday vs. Steelers also, while NE destroyed Miami at home and is probably set to keep rolling.

One slight wrinkle is the return of Edelman probably cutting into White’s receiving targets to some extent, but I’d still much rather play White here.

Sry also, there are indeed a noticeable portion of games where White finds himself getting almost no touches, while Hyde is almost definitely going to continue getting majority of the workload this week. So if you need guaranteed touches and can’t afford one of those low-usage White games, it’s something to consider.

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All good points, agree White, probably going to be his best year but some games will be down for sure. He has to make money on his limited touches. He’s doing that now but with their WR’s coming back online the lean on White will take a hit.

Yep, totally. Patriots have used White as a source of annoyance to opponents for years. You have no idea as a defense whether you’re gonna be mismatching a linebacker on a much faster/small RB all game long or wasting your time prepping for that and then not have him touch the ball all game.

It’s very annoying to fantasy owners as well…yet, White manages to produce enough to be relevant no matter what, somehow.

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But yes, also def agree this will be a much bigger workload year for White than in the past with only he and Sony in the backfield this time.