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Wise pick?


Hey everyone, so I have second pick in my draft this year and it’s a keeper league, I kept Crabtree for a 6th, Jordan Howard for a 9th and Brady for a 10th. I am going to draft either DJ or Bell 2nd overall, so my question is if Gronk falls back to me in the second would it be wise to take him there and start my draft with Bell,Brady, Howard, Crabtree and Gronk or should I continue to load up Wrs and RBs and wait till late for a TE? Thanks everyone!!


Do you know that DJ or Bell will be there for your first round pick? If so I think gronk would be a great addition to your team. You can use pick 3 and 4 to fill out WR


Yeah I will definitely get one of them because you can’t keep any players selected in the first 3 rounds


I think you have room to risk that. with those keepers you already have a good balanced team. If no one jumps out at you i would definitely be okay taking him at pick 24


Yeah that’s how I was feeling! Thanks


i still wouldnt. i would stock up on more WRs or RBs, and then get kelce. if you want a top flight TE to round out that team (which is a very very good foundation btw) i go for the TE that has no injury history, and is still top 2 at TE. even still, if its me im not taking a TE until late. you already have a great team, so i take that hammer and put it down on the rest of my league mates. especially btw, since you will more than likely get the injury prone bell. you dont want 2 of your top picks to be prone to injury.


That’s a great point about the injuries!! Thanks for the input I definitely appreciate it. I never go TE early but the thought of that roster looked great, but I t wouldn’t matter if they are both out with injuries for my playoffs!