Wish me luck 1-5 club ):

Follow up from the previous week, my stacked(?) team shit the bed again with the lowest points scored and dead last. I mostly blame jordan howard… do i even flex him this week? I also play the asshole who has shit talk me the entire season. Stinks because im 4-2 in 3 other leagues… anyways my thoughts to the other teams in situations like myself with the fewest points scored and highest points scored against.

QBs: J. Goff

WRs: Ty Hilton (IR)
C. Kupp
J. Landry
G. Tate
J. Kearse
K. Coutee
A. Cooper

RBs: E. Elliott
C. McCaffrey
J. Howard
Tarik Cohen
L. Murray

TE: Kyle Rudolph
K/DST: D. Bailey, Minnesota

Hey man that’s fantasy for ya, I’m 2-4 and scored 829 (2nd highest in league) AGAINST 938 HIGHEST SCORED AGAINST I won last week and I traded and made some moves, If fantasy was easy it wouldn’t be so fun man; Just keep with it sometimes you’ll miss but you still have 8 Games to turn things around

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