Wish me luck Footclan!

I’m on the left, the #1 seed with most points for going against the #2 seed with the 2nd most points (although I finished with 160 more than him). Any advice is welcome. I am trying to burn my last $10 of FAAB on Damien Williams in case Ware doesn’t play as someone in my league dropped him today:

Small note - I have considered loading up Samuels but worry about NO DST as they have been good against the run. I was hoping that Gurley wouldn’t play this week since I snagged John Kelly this morning, but it looks like he’ll play.

I think I would play samuels even if he plays against NO. He can catch footballs.

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Do you think he has a higher upside that Lamar Miller if he plays? That is where my concern is. Lamar feels like a safer floor, with Samuels having the higher ceiling.