With Eli out, what happens to Giants offense?

Who gets downgraded? Does anyone benefit?

I was counting on Engram for playoffs. I am scrambling for other options now.

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I have Engram too. Fortunately I stashed Olsen but I don’t think he will do much more because of his injury. I might have to grab Hunter Henry for the third time. he’s burned me every time I pick him up.

Hunter henry should be amazing this week at least.

I think the entire offense becomes unplayable and I am streaming raiders defense. Geno is going to get me into playoffs haha

I have Olsen too and tradedGrink for Melvin Gordon a fee weeks ago thinking I was ok at TE. Thinking about picking up Charles Clay now. Jordan Reed on waivers. It would be awesome if he ever got heslthyvagain.

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