With fornette out. Do I play ivory over any of my other RBs

So we start 2 RB and a flex.

Right. Now I have

Melvin as RB1
AP as my flex.

I also have ivory on my bench… Would you sub him in for any of those?

I’m leaning towards no… But Melvin has been questionable all week with a shoulder.

I doubt AP has a game like last week

Ivory is playing the colts who are bad.


Any1?this morning

With Fournette out, I think Ivory is a GREAT play. I heard the opinion that even if Fournette was in Ivory would be at least worth flexing.

I just checked the rankings I rely on the most and they have moved Ivory up to #5 for the week with the news that Fournette is out.


FWIW, the same guys who moved Ivory up so high have Gordon at #9, AP at #12 and Ajayi all the way down at #22.


@ukridge wow… I would feel weird setting ajayi and playing ivory… But I might have to try it

I know how you feel. It’s so hard to sit your top draft choices. I almost sat Evans in favor of DJax last week and it would have worked out, but then Patrick Peterson went out and Evans caught a late TD to put him ahead of DJax for the week. Here’s a link to the rankings so you can read the analysis for yourself:


That is an interesting site. Thanks for the share.

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I’m currently checking it out. Definitely interesting.

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