With golladay doubtful, drop Stafford for....?

title sets the stage, have Stafford (marvin jones on bench, not that it matters) and was looking at Big Ben vs NYG.

others on waivers

Goff v DAL
Tannehill v DEN

Big Ben could have a big game, but the Goff pickup is interesting because i feel like that game could be a shootout

I have pivoted away from Stafford too. Harder to do as a Lions fan.

I’m going with Goff or Roethlisberger. Think I lean Goff.

Ended up getting Ben off waivers this morning, Goff still out there too.

I think both could have a strong week, what’s got you leaning goff?

Just my thoughts…

Rams are playing at home without fans. I think that helps Goff. Playing the Cowboys could lead to a shootout. The Rams do not have a defined RB to siphon TDs away from Goff.

Whereas the Steelers v Giants game could be one-sided.

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Solid points, definitely thinking on this some more today.