With Kamara out, who do I start?

I’ve got Bell and Singletary in the wings. Which one do I run with as a flex?
Bell goes against NE and Devin has the Miami cheat code.

Starting Josh Jacobs and S Barkley in my RB 1& 2 spots

Bell. I get that the matchup isn’t good, but he’s always gonna be heavily involved. Pass catching upside and TD upside is always there. Also Singletary’s first game back from injury. Gore will get plenty of run this week

I’d go bell. You know he will get the most touches and will definitely catch some balls.

I think it’s in the realm of possibilities for Singletary to end with a better stat line than Bell in this one. Maybe even likely, but far riskier.

That being said, I’d still go with Bell just because of the known-talent and volume. Depends on how risk averse you are I guess.

Also, most people drafted Bell as their RB1, whereas it seems you have him in your flex. This leads me to believe that you are already starting better options ahead of Bell in your lineup, which could allow you to roll the dice with Singletary. Again, do you like to take risks? I’d probably go with Bell.

Thanks everyone.

My matchup this week is against my wife… so there is that

My concern with Bell is based on his past performance against NE

And the upside with Devin “died of” Singletary is that I believe they waited an extra week so he was 100%, his performance in the first two games, and its Miami…

Might come down to a coin flip.

Exactly. I really dont feel Frank Gore is in Buffalo’s plan, despite how good he’s been.

In my opinion, they traded McCoy in order to give Singletary the shot. Gore playing well was an added benefit that allowed them to not rush Singletary back from injury. He was almost ready before the bye, and probably would have played if Gore had been bad.

I think Singletary is about to blow up and take over this backfield, starting against Miami.

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