With Keenum out, Can I Trust McLaurin?

I am currently have McLaurin in my flex but Keenum has been ruled out and McLaurin hasn’t done well with Haskins. Should I trust him or Start Sanu, or Ty Johnson off my bench or pick up Devante Parker

i do not think we can yet. haskins looked terrible when he stepped in after the injury. missing high and off target, who could you play in his place?

im an owner as well, im seeing how this week goes unless i have to play him.

In the same situation - I just picked up Robby Anderson to play ahead of him. I’d go for Parker if he’s available

I could play Sanu, Ty Johnson or head to the waviers and get Devante Parker or Conley. Sanu could be good but I’m not sure

Also in the same boat – with Julio on a bye, I have to choose 2 out of McLaurin, Mike Williams and Curtis Samuel to play alongside Godwin, not really thrilled with any of them, and there’s really no one on the wire.