With leveon trade news what to do with james connor?

is he a trade now that he may have season long value or is he a keep for that very same reason. i have jordan howard and zeke as my rbs so i’m set he will be a lock in my flex the ros. Its a half ppr so he has a ton of value who would you guys target in a trade? could i get a cmc mixon or even hyde for connor?

Flexing him is not bad. But I think you’ve seen his limitations as an RB the past 2 weeks. If it wasn’t for that last drive where he had 2 back to back runs for like 30 yards, he was literally averaging like 2 YPC. So drawing these comparisons between him and him being as good as Bell is absurd. And he did that vs teams who don’t even really have good run defenses and yesterday, with a game script that was heavily in his favor.

There is almost no shot you can get CMC or Mixon for Conner straight up. I wouldn’t necessarily trade him for hyde either who has been the beneficiary of TDs in his favor which isn’t as sustainable. But If you can trade Conner for another locked in RB or a WR1 which it seems like people are giving up, I’d make those trades. I saw some Hunt for Conner trades go through.

I think the Steelers are going to work it out with Bell, personally. They are not a dumb organization, and they know it would be dumb to lose him, especially in a trade with an in-conference team. Plus, if they keep winning and end up looking like a playoff team, which they aren’t far off from looking like right now, I bet Bell wants to return to them more and they are going to be more willing to meet him on what he’s demanding.

There is next to zero % chance the Bell plays for the steelers after this season. Steelers are not going to give in to his demands and it’s actually not possible for them to extend his contract anymore until off season anyways. I think that option is out the window.

There’s definitely also a chance that Bell never plays another down for the steelers. Trading is definitely on the table.