With Melvin Q, do I risk starting him?

Since Melvin is a 4 o’clock game, do I risk starting him? Reports are he will give it a go, but if it acts up early I feel they could pull him.

Do I start:
Gus Edwards (1 o’clock)



Im in the exact same boat except I had to drop gus edwards this morning to pick up Ekeler for safety. It was worth the drop for me to secure the RB against cardinals D situation. I think you have to go with either gordon or ekeler. Gus did have a great week but who’s to say since Lamar Jackson runs so much he doesn’t cut into Gus’s numbers. Also the raiders have made the worst QBs look good Josh Rosen and Brock Osweiler threw 3 TDs against them so that may take away from Gus as well. Good luck.

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That’s a good point, that’s how I’m leaning too because I don’t want to miss on starting Melvin. Thanks!

See my dilemma is do I risk playing Melvin Gordon or do I just play Leonard Fournette instead, nick Chubb is my rb2 this week

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I’m in the same boat as well with both Gordon and Ekeler. You’d think if Melvin is active, you’d go with him. But what if they have Gordon active but they treat him gingerly-- and it ends up being a 50/50 split points scenario? Personally, I’d rather take 100% of the Chargers points in the form of Gordon & Ekeler (starting them both) vs. an uncertain % of the Ravens points.


No room to start both so think I’m going Edwards especially with Collins out

I think Fournette is a great play this week based on his usage. Bortles is proving more and more to be a bad passer so they will lean on Fournette. Although if Gordon plays that is quite possibly one of the best RB matchups against a defense this week. I think it depends on if you need safety or a risky boom option. Good luck.