With my current RBs, should I pick up CLE RBs?

I have: DJ, Kerryon, Coleman, Aaron Jones, Ito Smith, Clement

Should I target Duke Johnson or Nick Chubb??

I would take both of them over Ito Smith, and Chubb over Clement and Aaron Jones.

Hell yeah. Take both even if you can. I’d take Chubb if you can only get one.

Who should I drop them? Aaron Jones? Ito Smith?

Wow, in the last hour someone picked up Nick Chubb, so I grabbed Duke Johnson and dropped Ito Smith. I’m in a full PPR a
10 man league btw

Wow…you aren’t in waiver period right now and Chubb was still there 30 minutes ago? That’s crazy. Still good pickup with Duke though.

LOL…I’d be surprised if all the FFB internet sites didn’t suffer a sudden “glitch” with all the Chubb activity this afternoon!!!

Haha yeah, I saw the update on my fantasy life app and immediately grabbed Chubb. Going to have to change my teamname to “A Chubb for the Gurley” now lol.

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