With OBJ out, time to move Aaron Rodgers for a WR?

I am trying to scratch my way back from an 0-4 start in a 12 people .5 PPR league that starts 2 FLEX spots, and I got my first W this week. I think fielding offers on AR12 and streaming QBs weekly might have to be what I do after OBJ went down yesterday.
My roster for the moment looks like this:

QB - Aaron Rodgers, Marcus Mariota
RB - Jordan Howard, James White, Bilal Powell, Aaron Jones D’Onta Foreman
WR - OBJ, Desean Jackson, Terrelle Pryor, Mike Wallace, Tyler Lockett, Kenny Golladay (picked up him last week b/c I had an extra spot to get him till he comes back)

Any ideas? Maybe some names that I can possibly target for AR12 + a RB.


Like I am sure you have heard before, this will be hard answering without knowing your league, and what other teams may need. Are you trying to get back a WR or RB in return? One suggestion would be to look for another team who was affected by injuries, maybe a Ty Montgomery owner or Davante Parker. See what their needs are and try to get one of them to bite. Looks like you have a lot of name brand people who are up/down that may hold some name value.


Yeah, that’s fair. Thanks for the reply, good idea!


Yup, guy gives great advice - if you want to move a QB, find the team owner streaming QBs or has bad ones (Ben Roethlisburger/Derek Carr). Look at their strength and try to snag a high player off their team (aim for WR1 or RB1). QBs don’t snag as much talent, so maybe throw in a WR/RB to sweeten the pot. I did Alex Smith for Kelvin Benjamin yesterday straight up. QBs much easier to find.


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