With OJ Howard potentially out

I have the choices of:

Vance McDonald vs. DEN, LAC, OAK
David Njoku vs. CIN, HOU, CAR
Kyle Rudolph vs. GB, NE, SEA

Njoku probably the slightly better choice given his matchups but wouldn’t mind vance either. Pass on Rudolph though.

What about Jack Doyle? Where would you rank him amongst the group

Doyle is above all those guys by a wide margin for me for what it’s worth. E
Edit as @Caveman45 says if Brate is available he would be a good target as well. I still lean Doyle especially in any kind of PPR format as the safer play personally but Brate is a close second if available.

Is Brate available?

The Brate/Winston connection without OJ may be better than Doyle even, given Ebron is also in the picture and Hilton is emerging. Can’t fault him for choosing either though.

I’ll put it this way, I’m in the same boat with OJ as my only TE. My waiver plan is simply to add Brate (over McDonald and Rudolph) and carry them both, until we know more about his expected absence. As long as Winston is QB Brate will have great value until OJ returns, at which point OJ redeems his great value.

True and if it isn’t a PPR or half PPR format i would prefer to go after the TE that will likely get redzone/endzone targets and Brate should do and does have the history with Winston. The flip side is that Brate is not the same player that Howard is and he needs a TD not to bust, he wont get the yardage totals or break a big play on his own like Howard can so he does have a lower floor than Doyle in my view.

Not saying that Doyle has that OJ Howard playmaking ceiling either but looking ahead at the matchups i think you’ll get better games from Doyle than you will with Brate if we say Howard misses 3 games he gets a good matchup vs the Panthers in week 13 but the rest are just okay. If he’s out longer then Doyle the rest of the way including the next 2/3 weeks is virtually all teams that struggle vs the TE including the playoffs being better than the Buc’s TE matchups and also playing for a team that will likely be pushing for the division win and a playoff berth.

I don’t think there’s a right or wrong choice to be honest, personal preference and both are good plays and certainly above the other guys mentioned.

Great and valid points. So if you were me, would you take Brate over McDonald and Rudolph? Honestly Rudolph is the only one that temps me, now that I’ve shipped Diggs.

Full PPR for reference.

Problem is I am having to roster two QBs this week (Goff on bye and picking up Mayfield), so I would rather avoid rostering 2 TEs as well and dropping my other RBs/WRs…(Sanu, Mack, Duke, Coleman)

In your situation with those guys to consider I would actually be tempted by Vance over Rudolph as the second choice. I think Vance and Brate are in a pretty similar range, if Vance had the last 4 weeks with solid numbers i would lean him but he’s had two good weeks but before that was really average. It’s really close i think i may lean Vance due to his schedule as well and the Steelers are usually very high powered on offense and he’s made Jesse James irrelevant aside from some one catch wonder stuff. really close though

I really don’t want anything to do with Rudolph he just seems to be a total after thought in this offense and has been most of the year. He’s too TE or bust to plug in week to week.

So you’re dropping OJ even if he is out a week or two? ‘‘Tis the season of the more elite roster options even if it means less “depth”. If there is a chance OJ is back by playoffs, I’d highly recommend stashing him, rostering a second TE, and dropping your last WR option that’s likely to never play for you anyhow. Worst case scenario the waiver should always have a decent WR on it, not the case with a TE. High ceiling TE is an extreme scarcity.

That’s tough man. If you have to do it, in full PPR i would roll with Doyle unless you have a WR or RB you can drop but it sounds unlikely.

Bad timing as we wont know on Howard for sure until later in the week by the look of things but surely at least 2 weeks he’ll be out? If you had to drop Howard and he was out for 2-3 weeks would anyone else be in a position to roster him? Personally i know he has the ceiling but you wont be losing a lot each week especially in PPR switching to Doyle unless Howard goes off in every game when he’s back it’ll be close i believe week to week.

I agree i would rather hold him if possible, even if i have to look for another deal to upgrade or something in a 2 for 1 to make a space

With TEs like Doyle and OJ, just stash them both to keep them from an opponents roster. That’s more important than “depth” in the playoffs.

Okay so here is my roster (out of shot above is Goff+AB+Thielen but we don’t need to think about them)

I need to pick up another QB to replace Goff on bye week and I need a TE to replace Howard. Which 2 players do I drop for Mayfield+Brate/Doyle? Also considering picking Trequan Smith back up after dropping him last week…

Sanu and Montcref are extremely expendable. There are 50 of them on waivers at any given moment.

I’ve got no issues whatsoever dropping Moncrief for Doyle, Brate or Vance to cover Howard for you and be able to hold him. Based on your depth I’d be happy to drop Sanu as well but not for Smith so either of them for a TE.

I’ll drop 1 for Mayfield and 1 for Brate then

Well that doesn’t matter! Howard out on IR, picking up Vance and then Doyle as my second choice. Brate will be 3rd.

This is what ESPN is saying:

Howard (ankle) will not require surgery for his ankle and foot injuries that will force him to injured reserve, Jenna Laine of ESPN.com reports.


Howard’s 2018 season is over regardless of whether Howard needs surgery, but this at least bodes well in terms of the extent of rehab required to return to form. The second-year tight end had come into his own this season prior to the injury, racking up 34 catches for 565 yards and five touchdowns over 10 games. Without him available moving forward, Cameron Brate figures to slot in as the team’s primary tight end.