Witten or cook?

Who would you go with at TE? Witten or Jared cook?

Hunter Henry is also available

I’d start Witten and drop Cook to pick up Henry. (If you’re going to keep rostering 2 TE)

Witten, no question.

For me Henry and Cook are in the same tier of play. Hunter needs to show us that he’s going to be doing more than blocking and can be a viable play from week to week and not be only limited as a “Situational TE.” Witten is an integral piece of the Dallas offense, he’s your man.

I have eiffert and I just picked up graham since somebody dropped him (hoping he does good to trade him) and picked up witten for this week, dropping him next

If Graham has a good game, you might wanna roster him and Witten and shop Eiffert. Eiffert is going to have a tumultuous season of “Is he In or Out?!” and nobody has fun with that.