Wizarding World of Fantasy Football 2021!

Footclan assemble! Are you ready to be apart of an experience like no other? Are you an active fantasy football player that feels like they can never get enough? If yes, then you’ve come to the right forum. I’ve been running Harry Potter footclan leagues for the past 6 seasons and our group has grown to over 192 members across 16 leagues. We are expanding for the 2021. In this league, you can expect:

  • A sorting hat draft unlike anything you’ve ever seen (separate from the actual draft)
  • Interactive choose your own adventure offseason activities that dive into the world of HP
  • Chances to win other magical items during offseason at the Honeyduke event, hall of prophecy and mirror of erised
  • During regular season: Weekly rewards from the Goblet of Fire matchups and Weasley Coins for high scorers. Yearly rewards such as resurrection stones and the house cup.
  • Weekly bidding during the NFL season in the Weasley’s Gambling Booth!
  • A full quidditch experience where you will work with members of your house to tackle the quidditch league and world cup
  • An active facebook group chat
  • Full team logo design (see examples below)

This is a league that will require weekly participation and being available for the draft process.
The entrance fee for this league is 50 dollars and that covers the custom made WAND AND TROPHY BASE (see picture below). The winner of the league each year will receive the custom wand and trophy base!

Leagues are 1/2 point PPR and 6 point per passing touchdown. Run on ESPN. Lineup - QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, 2 FLEX. Seven bench spots plus IR. 12 Teams per league

To apply simply respond to this posting or email me at fantasyfootballathogwarts@gmail.com or submit your information to the following google form: https://goo.gl/forms/HOUEfY5l2DHvkj4t2

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Still have openings!

I am interested! I filled out the Google doc. I’m probably going to email too and come at this from all angles. apologies in advance, I just want to make sure I get in before the cutoff.

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There is still 8 openings for the new league!

Only 4 spots left

3 spots left

Let’s get a new league started!

2/12 filled!

Need 10 more!

4 spots left

1 spot left

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Starting up a new league if anyone’s interested!

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Hmm this sounds interesting, if you make another league I’m in !

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If you make another league I would be very interested!

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New league is starting up! 2/12 filled

Just got an endorsement from Matt Harmon! We have 10 spots left in our new league!

We have 8 spots in the new league

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Hey man I am interested! I’ve been looking for some fun, active leagues to play in. People who talk to each other and are willing to talk trades. Couple quick questions… How do you run the waiver wire? FAB or waiver positions? And how do trades work? Do they have to be approved by entire league? Can trades be vetoed? Thanks and please let me know if you still have a spot!

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I’m interested in learning more and joining in on this!! Springer1 on sleeper

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We have 6 spots left in the new league