Wizarding World of Fantasy Football 2021!

Not sure if your question already got answered via DM but replying here in case others are wondering:

The waiver wire is FAAB based with a 1 day waiver period. There is no trade veto/trade review voting system (and there never should be IMO, the commissioner can take action in the rare case something fishy actually goes on there).

And to anyone, I highly recommend these leagues! Michael is constantly working to tune and expand the various events that happen throughout the year. I’ve been in one for several years now and its a blast, and I love the camaraderie that you get between you and your house mates! The three of us talk fantasy football year round, its a blast!

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Still got 6 open spots!

We’ve got 5 open spots left!

4 open spots :eyes:

Interested in joining!