Wk 13 -- Which Player Would You Sit? (Full PPR)

I need 1 RB, 1 TE and 1 FLEX between Carson, Waller, M Sanders and Griffin. Someone has to ride the bench.

Normally it would not be an issue that Carson and Waller would start, but their matchups aren’t great (plus the possible timeshare for Carson), while M Sanders and Griffin have excellent matchups. (Cook has my other RB spot.)

Currently the 2nd seed going into the final week – win and I get a 1st round bye. Thanks in advance.

bumping now that it’s morning

One final bump to have this answered, please.

I’m now seeing a couple of experts suggesting to sit Carson.

definitely Sit Carson. Seattle wont bench him but his share of carries will definitely be lower, which is not good for a RB type like Carson.
Sanders is a easy start as long as Jordon Howard stays inactive for game. Waller and Griffin are starts for me as well; Start Sanders, Waller and Griffin.

Thanks, and it is looking more and more like Howard might sit again. Also gives me a game to see which way the SEA timeshare might play out (I have Penny too but wouldn’t consider playing him this week).

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