WK 14-16 QB help

I made it to the promise land!

I just clinched my spot in the playoffs and now need to make sure I bulk up my team for that final push.

I currently have Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, and Foles (just picked up) as my QB options. I’d like to drop one of them to snag the Ravens defense for WK15 against the Jets, but I’m not sure who to drop without shooting myself in the foot for the last few weeks of the season.


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drop whatever dst you have for ravens, no need for back up defenses, you could possibly trade one of the qbs to bulk up the team if your trade deadline hasnt passed yet

Even if my dst is pittsburgh?

Congratulations! I’m going to respectfully disagree with the other poster and support having two defenses on your roster to play match ups and maximize your points. You can (and should) drop Josh Allen with extreme prejudice. My QB model has him projected to be the QB23 RoS and the QB24 Weeks 14-16. I had him as a drop in my Week 12 streaming article as well, but way too many people are going to hold onto him (or even trade for him) after his Miami outing. You should drop him and rejoice. My QB model is below for reference, and you can see that you should be in pretty decent shape with Murray and the upside of Foles.

As for defenses, my DST model projects Pittsburgh to be the DST2 RoS and throughout the playoffs, so definitely hang onto them. Week 15 specifically my model projects Baltimore to be the DST2 and Pittsburgh to be the DST4. I would roster and play Baltimore if I had the space, but you wouldn’t be in bad shape if you had to stick with Pittsburgh that week too.

You can see all my models (QB, TE, DST) in my Week 12 streaming post here. Comments and feedback are welcome. Good luck!