Wk 15 - Pick Up WR or Hold?

In the semis after a bye with a matchup I was hoping I wouldn’t get (he has Mahomes, CMC, Fournette, Kelce and Kupp among others), but thanks to Alshon not doing anything last night when he only needed 3 points, here we are.

Anyway, my WRs are Godwin, Julio, Gage, Conley and McLaurin. Should I go out and get a different WR to start alongside Godwin and Julio (and if so, who to drop) or hold steady? Waiver wire has at the top Hurns, J Watson, Perriman, Renfrow (if he plays), T Patrick, Lazard, Hardman and JR3.

Full PPR. Thanks in advance.

Godwin and Julio are so valuable with Evans and Ridley going down so I don’t think you can sit them at this point. McLaurin also has a sweet matchup against the Eagles so I think he’d be a better FLEX option than anyone on the waivers that you mentioned.


I wouldn’t think about sitting Godwin or Julio. I’ve been reticent about McLaurin ever since Haskins took over, but if he’s the best of the remaining bunch, including the waiver options, then I guess he’s my WR3 then.

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