Wk 15 QB - Rivers or Rodgers

Rivers has gotten me a Wk 14 bye, IF Rodgers plays Wk 15, would you start him over Rivers? Rivers has the matchup, Rodgers is, well, Rodgers. Std 12 team league. LAST year I had Ryan and Rodgers and played the matchup with Ryan and lost. :slight_smile:

Of course all this rides on GB winning this week and keeping their playoff dreams alive.

You don’t owe anything to Philip Rivers and have no obligation to start him in your lineup…haha. Just play the best QB, and 99/100 times the better decision is going to be Rogers over Rivers. So play Rogers if he plays in week 15

Yeah, But Rivers schedule is great those last 2 games… @KC @NYJ… and Rodgers is @Car (not bad for Wk 15, but then has Min for Wk16

Play your studs. Rogers is arguably the best fantasy QB in the game…don’t try and get cute and play matchups and you have Aaron Rodgers sitting on the bench. That really shouldn’t ever happen. Now if you are worried that he will be a bit rusty, that might be a legit concern and I could see wanting to sit him (I’m not worried about it, but I can see how you could be).

Let’s just say it’s not a QB, but it’s a top RB like Lev Bell. If Lev Bell was playing the Ravens and you have Carlos Hyde playing the Colts, there is no way in hell you sit Bell for Hyde regardless of the matchup. Rogers is a must play every single week over Rivers in my opinion.

Thank you for the sanity check :slight_smile: Rodgers it is (IF he plays)
Great example btw, I HAVE Bell! lol
in a perfect world I’ll end up with my top 3 draft picks back in play Wk 16… Bell, Zeke, Rodgers.

anyhow, Thanks Again!