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Wk1: McFadden or Lynch


Who do y’all think will be the better start week one? Darren McFadden or Marshawn Lynch? You can also include up to week 8 if you want. I’ve been having a hard time deciding between these two and was hoping to get yalls opinions.


I like Lynch better weeks 1 and 2 mainly because we know what Lynch will do. He’ll have around 15 carries and will probably score 3-4 TDs in those weeks. I’m afraid Dallas will run a timeshare with Morris so that will allow you to see what they will do for sure while running with Lynch.


I would definitely rather have Lynch short term or long term but I still believe McFadden has some good value especially if you are a Zeke owner. I think McFadden will see more carries than Morris but the first 4 weeks of the season are tough match-ups. The biggest thing that worries me about Lynch is his TD dependency but he should get quite a few TD’s as we seen last year with Murray.