WK4 Fantasy Matchup is also a Reality matchup

I have a fantasy matchup strategy question for my 3-0 team in a 12 team half point PPR redraft league.

I have OBJ, Thielen Cobb and Lockett.

He has Russell Wilson, Diggs, Barkely and Adams.

Do I start Lockett (and pick up Janikowski) to mitigate Wilson and start a combination of 2 of the complimentary players (OBJ/Barkely, Thielen/Diggs, or Cobb/Adams) and sit Emmanuel Sanders? Alternatively, should I sit OBJ to avoid gamescript conflicts?

Currently I have been playing Sanders over Lockett with great results.

I have burner spots cause I dump my kicker every week because they are just kickers and they shouldn’t matter.

I think OBJ, Thielen, and Sanders is a SOLID trio that I wouldn’t want to face.

OBJ hasn’t caught a TD yet, he’s due for one soon (Maybe two…and you gotta start your studs!), Thielen will bring value in his receptions, and Sanders has been producing to the point where I wouldn’t sit him at Home against KC

Thanks I went with my gut and my studs here with OBJ, AT and Col. Sanders and I’m sweating it out needing 35pts from Keenum/Sanders stack…it’s do-able and no one else cane close to their production on my roster