Won My Championship. Pick my draft position

What draft pick should I reserve for next year?

Congrats on the win. As to draft position, you don’t want to make this decision any earlier than you have to. If it’s a 12-team league I’d lean towards first half of the round.

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Our 10-team League has a random “pick out of the hat” DRAFT ORDER type thing every year, so not sure how the “RESERVE” format works.

BUT…I’ve ended up with the 5th or 6th spot every year and I liked that simply because it’s not so long between picks and less chance of more of the STUDS being snatched up in front of me in the first couple of rounds.

However, this year I ended up with the 2nd pick, which pretty much assured me of getting Gurley, since Lev Bell was the obvious first pick. Which worked out fabulously, since Gurley (along) with Russell pretty much got me to the Championship game.

Just my thoughts. :thinking: