Won or Lost? PPR

Sent this yesterday, just got accepted today. Both sucked it up and while I think the Raiders are going to be behind and throwing a lot, I trust Brady more the Carr.

Give: Amari Cooper
Get: Chris Hogan


I’d rather have Cooper personally. But I am betting on Gruden fixing things and showing Carr why he needs to target Cooper. Cooper got open on multiple big plays but Carr just didn’t even look his way. Gruden called him out on it yesterday. Cooper is more talented than Hogan by a mile and I fully expect him to lead the offense in targets going forward. In a full PPR format, I think he’ll be more valuable. I don’t expect either of them to have a good week this week. Horrible match-ups for both but I do expect Cooper to eat after that with some plus matchups.

Yeah, I agree Cooper is a better WR. This trade is probably going to go 1 of 2 ways.

Cooper explodes, lives up to all the hype and I lose the trade by a mile or he continues to on a downward slope and booms for two or three weeks being mediocre the rest.

I don’t expect cooper to do well this week either. But as a cooper owner, why would you sell him now at his all time low. Hogan isn’t giving you anything this week either vs Jax. Both values probably won’t change end of this week but Cooper has a better shot at doing than Hogan does. If you don’t want cooper, that’s fine but this isn’t the time to trade him and especially not for that little.