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Won Tarik Cohen. Trade offers coming in now. Thoughts?


So far I’ve been offered:

Isaiah Crowell OR
Jordan Howard OR
Terrance West

What do you guys think? My instinct is a no on everyone but Crowell.


Hmmmm… I think I’d take Crowell too. Maybe look at the rest of the roster for the folks looking to trade and see if they’d be willing to package it. If they’re already coming to the table to trade, they could be tempted to put in some valuable pieces if you group some players with Cohen.


I agree that Crowell would be the best trade value because he is a guaranteed RB1.


Honestly, I’d like Howard too if you could get a 2 for 1 maybe to help add depth to another position. I’m also biased towards Jordan Howard cause I went to high school with him hah.


I like Crowell, the Browns are still the Browns but I think they will be better this year and he will have a chance to put up some bigger games when they arent playing from 20 points down all year. At least that is my hope as I drafted him late in the 3rd round :smile: