Woodhead, Jordy, Barber, or Andre Ellington

I’m in a .5PPR need to decide my flex. Jordy Nelson, Danny Woodhead, Peyton Barber, and Andre Ellington are the players im choosing from. Thought I might be able to ride woodhead in my flex after his injury but hasn’t been the case so far. Pick one for my flex this week. Ideas on ROS are good too.

Andre Ellington is looking good. The podcast has him as a decent option and he will get some looks. If there are other more intriguing waiver options I’d try to drop Jordy. I know a lot of people think he’s gonna get Rodgers week 16 but that’s a big IF and you need all the help you can ROS to make it to week 16.

My bench is awfull thankfully the rest of my roster is solid wich is why i picked jordy and rodgers up. ive got the room to hope lol