Woodhead, Olsen or Hogan ROS?

Danny Woodhead, Chris Hogan and Greg Olsen are all available in my league. Who is the best stash ROS? I have Gronk, but Olsen could be stood backup / flex. My RB WRs are:

Melvin Gordon
Doug Martin
Bilal Powell
Alfred Morris

Tyreek Hill
Adam Thielen
Amari Cooper
Sterling Shepard
Emmanuel Sanders

I would say Olsen. He is generally a TE1 when healthy and we know he will get the targets, probably more so now that Benjamin has left town.

Depends on format. But with your roster I’d say you need RB help

I just picked up woodhead, what can I expect from him in a standard league?

I thought the same thing, i just don’t see woodhead being a huge upgrade over what he has behind gordon. Maybe you’ll have to get a package together to go after a better (or at least more consistent) RB for your RB2 slot.

Standard scoring makes Woodhead less valuable for sure. I could see him putting up 60-70 yards a week. TD’s will be hard to come by.

I would rank them Hogan, Wood, then Olsen.

As a Gronk owner also looking to pick up Olsen. He’s such a big part of that offense when healthy and without Benjamin could see myself using for unjustly insurance for Gronk and also flex on some weeks

I’ve got Gronk and Olsen too. I love having him for insurance if/when Gronk gets hurt, but I think I’ll be able to flex him some too.