Woodhead or Anderson

WHO TO START in half PPR???
Danny Woodhead at home against the Texans OR C.J Anderson playing in Oakland???

Is this standard or PPR?

Excuse me half PPR

Woodhead is actually the safer play here with why Anderson has been doing, so I personally would go with woodhead


I agree with you and I would like to ask a follow up; How much stock do you take in the fact that Paxton Lynch is starting under a new offensive coordinator, how much do you think that helps or hurts Anderson?

I may post this question on the forum…

Well as a broncos fan I have zero faith in our offense, even with a new coordinator. That being said, CJ Anderson is a very necessary part of this offense, especially with Paxton starting. He’s kind of like Lamar Miller, except there’s more competitor in Denver

Would you say that Anderson could be a possible Ceiling play against the Raiders and the volume he will possibly get? I know there is Booker to worry about but Charles has been faded out about, what do you think?

I think that’s it’s hard to predict, but I would say he’s safer than any other back in Denver, But I wouldn’t feel good about playing him, especially if you have Better options, although if Denver can get the run game going against Oakland, which I would bet they do, then cj would most likely benefit the most

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